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Meet The B.D.R. Team

Lillie Humphries

Blue Diamond Realty

Blue Diamond Realty was created by our Family with the vision of helping others, to not only navigate the world of Real Estate but to assist them in reaching their desired goals.


You may be curious to know why a blue diamond was chosen for our name and logo...It is Quite simple really...

Blue diamonds 

Are unique, like every property and person

Have transparency, just like our business

Are an asset, just as we are to our clients Have vibrant rich color, like our personalities

But most of all they are Rare, like the individual skilled service we provide.


We have over 25 years of experience, posses a wealth of knowledge and we are dedicated to exceeding our clients expectations.

Tina Lawson

Lillie is the founder and Broker In Charge of

Blue Diamond Realty.  She has over 30 years of experience and embodies a wealth of knowledge in real estate, business management, investment property management, rental practices, construction, renovation/ rehab, marketing, property inspections and investment brokerage.

With her sense of practicality, ability to over come obstacles, keen eye for detail and straight forward approach she easily gains her clients trust, respect and friendship. 

Lillie specializes in income producing properties, property management, single family residential, multi family properties, commercial properties, renovation/ rehabs, investment properties,tenant procurement, residential building lots, improved/ unimproved land parcels, new construction and special use properties. 

Tina brings over 20 years of experience in business management, real estate, new construction, land development, project management, investment brokerage,

marketing, analytical methodologies and research practices.


With her type A personality, positive outlook

and ability to think outside of the box she

not only builds a lasting rapport with

her clients but also is a force in getting

things done the right way.


Tina specializes in single family residential,

multi family properties, investment properties, income producing properties, new construction,

residential building lots, renovation/ rehabs, unimproved/ improved land parcels,

large/ small tract land development,

commercial properties, special use properties, and tenant procurement.  

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